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Problems with Thyroids, Thymus and Pineal Gland compensated by Basic health

BASIC HEALTH is the simplest and most enjoyable way to permanently and totally energize the body in general. Among others the energy world of BASIC HEALTH is also aimed specifically at the thymus gland and thus at the entire immune system.
The thymus gland is also referred to as the brain of the body’s own defense or as a school of T lymphocytes. The general medical world says that in adults this organ, which is located behind the sternum and between your lungs, loses its size and meaning. You can believe that or not. The lymphatic system, which includes the thymus gland, is distributed throughout the body. It is closely related to the immune system and the bone marrow. There, the T and B lymphocytes are formed, immune cells that circulate in the bloodstream and destroy foreign body pathogens. In order for T lymphocytes to perform their task, they must first “learn” in the thymus gland to distinguish between endogenous and foreign cells. Consequently, the thymus gland is very much involved in building the immune system. The thymus gland knocking is supposed to invigorate. Tapping on the thymus gland helps to regain energy when you feel powerless, tired or exhausted. Then you should feel how the energy and strength in the body awakes and a relaxing feeling comes up.
The gorillas always do this before a fight that may be imminent in order to gain increased energies. Now you have the choice to knock there permanently or simply to wear the BASIC HEALTH.

Basic Health – The Voice

€ 250.00

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Size and Weight:

  • Length: 34 mm, 1.3 “
  • Width: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Depth: 7 mm, 0.3″
  • Weight: 28 grams, 1 oz
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