Improve your Life

The modern world is fascinated by the constant advancement of technology that expands the limits of our limitations every day, allowing us to see much of the past and the future in a new light. The development of technology is becoming faster and faster in many areas of life. IPC EUROPE engineers believe that the development of important technologies that truly enhance life should be developed through the study of nature and the recovery of the planet and everything that inhabits and invigorates it must have as its main objective.

Unfortunately, however, power, control, financial interests, and greed are given priority.

IPC EUROPE has developed a new amazing technology named HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. This is a completely new and unique development. Many individuals and businesses are undoubtedly working to improve life on this planet. That is very pleasing. HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY reliably supports the development and protection of nature’s most valuable creation – humanity, of course, alongside animals, plants and the environment.

HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY is based on the knowledge of information fields. If they are in a chaotic state, you must “destroy” them, e.g. these products just do not produce anymore etc. or lead from their chaotic state to a level of harmony. That’s exactly what HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY does.

However, this technology is indeed a natural phenomenon that few know exists. Scattered in very few and small places on the planet, this harmonic state exists. There all living things and nature thrive both healthy and powerful. But we cannot all live together in these few places. Thus, our main task is to improve our current state here and now where we dwell and our situation.

The possibilities that HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY brings are endless. Of course, this offers versatile applications with limitless applications in the most diverse areas of life. Not a single negative effect has ever been reported.

None of the HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY contains materials or substances that are radioactive, toxic or corrosive. That means they are completely safe in use.

HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY works on the basis of quantum physics and goes one step further into the field of physics. While most scientists and companies work at the level of NANO technology, IPC EUROPE works on the level of PICO technology, which is much more efficient, sophisticated, complex, and 1000 times smaller than NANO technology.

An atom consists of three main components – protons, electrons, and neutrons. Within the atom, the protons and electrons move randomly. The PVA (Proton Vibration Alignment Field) field directs the vibration and movement of protons and electrons from an uncontrolled motion to an aligned motion. It is a change from a state of chaos in harmony. This reorientation fundamentally improves the structure, efficiency, and quality of the atom. Within the current existing limits, which are continually being expanded, HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY can determine the duration, the strength and the space taken up by this improvement. IPC EUROPE continuously works on expanding these parameters.

When the movements of the protons in the atoms are harmonized throughout the body, many processes become much more efficient. This can be easily detected and observed in the slow and weak blood flow in the micro blood circulation ** (capillary system). Once a product is used with HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, the micro blood circulation increases dramatically without increasing blood pressure. By doing so the self-healing process is strongly enhanced.

** = is responsible for the transport of nutrients throughout the body, as well as the removal of waste materials from the body.

See video below.

Nanotechnology compared to Pico technology

Nanotechnology is well known and considered by scientists and industries as the most advanced microtechnology. IPC EUROPE, however, is based on all research and products at the level of pico technology. Hardly anyone knows that this technology even exists, and many have never heard the term pico technology. PICO refers to the manipulation of matter on the scale of the trillionth of a meter (10-12), which is 1000 times smaller than a nanometer (10-9) and thus much more advanced than the conventional nanotechnology.

Individual atoms are on the order of ten to several hundred picometers. Because a proton is in an equally charged state to that of an electron, it has the consequence that the orientation of the positively charged protons also aligns the negatively charged electrons. The natural properties of all existing matter are improved through this rebalancing process (harmonization).

Nanotechnology had so far represented the processing of the smallest particles = 1 billionth of a meter 10-9

HI ENERGY TECHNOLOGY operates at the level 1000 times smaller than Nano = 1 trillionth of a meter 10-12

This is QUANTUM PHYSICS at its best.

Quantum physics knows neither time nor space.