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increase the energy level for
people, animals, plants, food, water etc.

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There you will find products to help protection from electro magnetic fields as to be found in cell phones, cars, electric cars, WiFi stations, GPS, smart meters, screens, geopathic zones.

Dear Visitor,

All things in life now need to be completely re-examined with NEW-THINKING. In the future the areas of medicine, self-healing, food, energy, water, and general well-being on this planet, will all depend on frequencies. Frequencies will play the most important role in handling the problems of pro survival – and not the pills and the more than 70,000 registered chemicals, which are all toxic.

This planet is entirely based on frequencies. There are only 2 types of frequencies:

Pro Survival and Counter Survival frequencies. That’s it. There are no others. Sounds very simple? The truth is always simple. We must work to promote survival-friendly-frequencies and to stop or transform the counter-survival -frequencies.

And that is exactly what we do at IPC USA. With our HIGH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY, we have something that is absolutely unrivaled and unique. Have fun on your trip to discover our solutions.

The tech that surrounds you – is it dangerous?

The science behind Proton Alignment and EMR mitigation

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Bis gestern war Mobilfunk schädlich Protonenharmoniserung 2

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Kinesiologie – Protonenhamonisierung nur duch Kinesiologie nachweisbar.

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Energiesteigerung und anderes

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Caravan to Midnight  John B Wells
The science behind Proton Alignment and EMR mitigation

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ARK Midnight  John B Wells
The tech that surrounds you – is it dangerous?