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When 2 number 1 companies join their technologies it results in the

NO 1 Yoga Mat

Manduka, leading manufacturer of
Yoga Mats and IPC with its
HI ENERGY Technology.


Price $189.00

blue, PVC
71” x 24” x 3/16”
180 cm x 61cm x 4.7 mm
2 kgs 4.5 lbs


Price $198.00

charcoal, natural tree rubber
71” x 26” x 3/16”
180 cm x 66 cm x 5 mm
3.2 kgs 7 lbs

EKO Plus

Price $205.00

Sorry not available for the moment.

charcoal, natural tree rubber
81” x 24” x 3/16”
205 cm x 60 cm x 6 mm
3.9 kgs 8 lbs

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